Hi. I’m Jack!

My name Is Jack, and I am 25 currently living my best life out in Colorado, I have a cat named Phoenix who travels with me everywhere I go. I am a self-made entrepreneur who has built an entire career online.

I am a self-taught American photographer. I am based out of Denver Colorado. My work is layered by the landscape, lifestyle, outdoor and travel subjects. I have worked for many brands in which I am proud of like "Compas life," "Abercrombie," being my favorites.

I started shooting in the year of 2013 after I was always borrowing my friend's cameras from school. I picked up my first camera which was a Nikon D7100. I slowly formed my photography through street photography at first to what is now a mixture of portraits, lifestyle & travel. I Grew up in Ohio until I was 23 then I decided to move out west to further my photography career and be around more like-minded people who loved creating and becoming the best version of themselves.

I currently live in Denver Colorado where I have my own media company and produce content for influencers, do side projects and contract work for companies that need "growth hacking" on Instagram, as well as little bit of photography and brand deals.

I am building a network of influence through my social media to now help others grow their social media presence through my youtube channel.

In 2014 I created a company called "Explore More" which was a "report" travel niche page on Instagram. We provided a platform in which to help the underrated photographers be seen. Through a series of networking and just owning a 100k IG page, I was able to connect with people who knew the industry of growth hacking very very well. In the middle of all this, I was working with my dad who owns a very successful mechanic shop back in Ohio, I was currently mopping the floors and doing all of the bookwork for him, but in the downtime, I was building my empire called Explore More. Being around my dad as he owned his own business since I was born, encouraged me to develop my own and see where it took me.

Explore More already had 3 million hashtags when I first started the page with a friend while sitting at a Taco Bell, yeah not kidding a fucking Taco Bell began to it all haha. For the next two years, I dedicated it to posting every single Day, two-three posts a day. Which went from 0-100k followers in 6 months because of the growth hacking system i applied and with that was able to hit the "explore page" every single day growing around 2k followers a day. With Explore More helping me understand the knowledge of growing an Instagram account my friend & web designer Kodi Fletcher had nudged me to help build a influencers Instagram account in which I still Happily help strategize and growth hack his magic prank videos today.

In the winter of 2017 I decided to hand over the keys and sold Explore More, it was a great run and was able to have that as "social proof" to then pitch to other companies or influencers that I wanted to help grow their Instagram accounts for, but Some reason, the Instagram page was just completely dead, & the Instagram Algorithm had indeed made the page not do its best that it could do with engagement and reaching people. So I decided to sell it.

I took about a year off from growing repost pages and just focusing on my clients that I was currently running their Instagram pages, as well as focusing on photography. I suddenly found out that I was not inside of the loop in knowing how to grow or what the algorithm was about at that specific point in time. So I decided to get back into the game and bought me a one-word user name which is now called a “@Breathe,” I turned that into a travel re-post page just like Explore More but wanted a deeper meaning behind it all. Currently, while this is happening, I was working with a company called Moment Travel, a side company of Moment Lenses they heard about me from their connections, and understood that I knew how to grow on Instagram. So we decided to launch a travel company, and with that, I knew that I could leverage their company by having them Purchase a huge travel Instagram page that is already built up which is now @aswediscover. I then had gone from fulltime working with Moment Travel to contract work after six months in 2018 to then purchasing the page @aswediscover from them. I completely rebranded the page with logos and a new name which was before called Exceptional Pictures. A horrid name that I didn't want to be known as. I curated photos on it to figure out which was the best and found that landscapes and a variety of other stats about the photos worked best. Now, @aswediscover currently has 170,000 followers at the time of this, over 3 million impressions each week ranging from 10,000 likes to our most liked photo which received 53,000 likes. I decided to turn both @Breathe and @aswediscover into one media company called Breathe Media.

As of today, I am creating more of a self sustainable life with creating a shipping container home with 2 acres out in Colorado Rockies. I am still doing a tad bit of social media hacking but for now living life and enjoying the journey! Feel free to follow the process on how I am going to create a offline business on Instagram @breathe